Having started as an exciting project between three friends, ArchiDabble was initially co-founded by Elif, Sude and Linda. Our small but lively team has been working hard, since 2020, to produce productive content for students, graduates and young professional in the architecture industry.

Our active members produce daily content on our Instagram showing the lifestyle of a graduate, as well as snippets of our journey progressing through Part 1, 2 & 3 of the architecture degrees in order to become RIBA and ARB qualified Architects here in London, UK.

Want to get to know us individually? Check our descriptions down below…

Elifnur Uluçay

| Active Member

Hi All!

My name is Elifnur and I am a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at a London based practice where I’m part of a team who works on private residential projects. I graduated from the University of Westminster’s BA Architecture course and will soon be starting my Level 7 Architect Apprenticeship at the University of Cambridge. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of architecture as it integrates design with many different social and environmental values like health and demographics as well as designing in regards to the current climate. The most exciting part about being in the architecture industry for me is knowing that the buildings and spaces we design are a part of someone’s lifestyle, impacting the way they experience the space.

Outside of architecture, I spend a good chunk of my time reading on my kindle, mostly on my daily commute, I like to go swimming whenever I get the chance and I enjoy travelling to new places to see new cultures :)

Instagram: @elifnur_portfolio

Sude Yilmaz

| Active Member

Hi everyone! I’m Sude, a Part 1 Architectural Assistant based in a small London practice focusing on private residential projects predominantly driven by Passivhaus standards with a high level of finish.

Soon, I will be joining the 2023-24 cohort at The London School of Architecture on their MArch course this September. A great benefit of the course is the ability to continue practicing as a part 1 architectural assistant alongside my studies. I have always envisioned myself in a field that affects people’s lives on both an urban and personal level. Architecture allows me to design spaces for people to make memories in - our expertise is capable of having such a big impact on society. Although overlooked, globally the world came to terms with how much our built environment affects our mental health during the pandemic. Safe to say we need architects who can design spaces we enjoy being in :)

In my free time, I like to listen to music, spare some time learning a new language, at this point in time it is Korean, and travelling to different cities whenever I can.

Welcome to the Archidabble family!

Instagram: @sude_yilmaz

Linda Tighlit

| Former Member

Hey everyone! It’s Linda here, and I’m a third year BSc Architecture and Environmental Design student at the University of Westminster.

One of the things I love most about architecture is being able to change the way people live their lives for the better, through curating the spaces that surround them.

In my free time, I love trying new things! Lately, I’ve been dabbling into learning Mandarin, video editing and photography.

Instagram: @lindatighlit1