The future of interactive music is here, courtesy of Jeff Buckley

 For his most recent cover of Bob Dylan’s Just Like a Woman, Jeff Buckley’s creative team has pulled out all the stops. Dropping today is an interactive music video with a gabazillion possible iterations for the viewer to explore, creating a unique listening experience every time. In Buckley’s new video, the listener can click on various panels of the video to change the story… Read More…

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Desktop 3D printers are popular hardcopy devices for hobbyists as well as engineering students. Easy availability combined with low cost makes these machines very attractive to many people and organisations.

The wide range of makes available can be confusing when you begin to review the many options available. We advise interested people to carefully review the 3D printers together with the case studies from around the web to build a store of knowledge that will help you decide on the machine that is appropriate for your purpose.

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