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Kum 22cm Crystal Clear Acrylic Technical Compass Triangle 209.13.01

This technical compass triangle is made of PMMA crystal clear acrylic material. This drafting tool features color ring and finger grip. Comes in plastic envelope. Draw precise polygons, demonstrate measurement of supplementary angles and more. Great ...

325mm Hypotenuse Metric Professional Geometry Set Square Drawing Drafting Triangle with Grip

Dimensions: 32.5cm (hypotenuse) x 23cm x 23cm, 45 degrees. Thickness: 2mm. Made from clear transparent, acrylic plastic. The rate of transparency allows to see the drawing medium below template for easy positioning. Black marking with green ...

Triangle Set 10″ 30/60 & 8″ 45/90


Staedtler Mars Adjustable Triangle 6″ Made in USA

By multiplying the slope angle and universal triangle gradient angle horizontal distance, slope, slope is measurably easy, highest of up to 45 tilt angle is required. I know the inclination angle and the swash surface horizontal distance, slope ...