Sanvn 3020t 3-Axis CNC Router Engraver Drilling/Milling Machine

Sanvn 3-axis CNC 3020t Desktop Router Engraver Drilling/Milling Engraving Machine - Wood, Plastic , Light Metal

Sanvn 3-axis CNC 3020t Desktop Router Engraver Drilling/Milling Engraving Machine - Wood, Plastic , Light Metal Rating:
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Product Description

The machine is ideal for a small workshop or home installation. It will allow automated 3D machining operations (creating three-dimensional objects, reliefs, etc), engraving (personalising items, creating labels, jewelry, engraving PCBs), all types of cutting (letters and labels , signs , models) , drilling.

The main operations:

  • engraving
  • cutting
  • milling
  • boring
  • drilling

Machines the following materials

  • wood
  • plastic
  • acrylic
  • chipboard, MDF, plywood
  • light metals (copper, aluminum , brass)

Main areas of application

  • prototyping
  • model-making
  • advertising industry
  • creative workshops
  • jewelry/designer items
  • merchandise
  • interior and decor elements

Technical parameters

  • MAX.X axis travel: 300mm
  • MAX.Y axis travel: 400mm
  • MAX.Z axis travel : 80mm
  • Size: 540*520*470 mm
  • Resolution ratio: 0.0125mm
  • Table structure: Steel alloy plate(with trapezoidal slots)
  • MAX. moving speed: 4000mm/min
  • Control: 3000mm/min
  • Main shaft power : 200w (800w/1500w/2200w optional)
  • Main shaft speed : 0-24000rpm/min
  • Tool DIA. range : 0.3-3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm
  • Voltage: AC 110v/220v (optional)
  • Drive model : Stepper and breakdown
  • Instruction: G-code
  • System OS: Window XP/Win 7


  • X,Y,Z Working Area: X/Y/Z=200*300*50 mm;
  • Work table dimension:200*300*15 mm; Shape dimension:550*400*350 mm;
  • Spindle speed: 300~8000RPM/MIN; Spindle motor:200w dc motor,NEW; Carving speed:0-2000mm/min; Principal axis collet:ER11/3.175 mm
  • This CNC router machine can engraver much more materials by spiral flute bits, such as metal, steel, MDF board, solid wood, composite board plywood, stone.
  • This CNC3020 Engraving machine is designed for processing Industrial or hobby prototype building, building model making, PCB, advertising Signs, artwork, crafts, aircraft models, RC model parts, etc.

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