Pencil Sharpener with Auto Feature, BENGOO Classroom Electric Durable and Portable Pencil Sharpener for 8mm diameter Pencils, School Supplies for Office Use-Blue (Batteries not included)

Pencil Sharpener with Auto Feature, BENGOO Classroom Electric Durable and Portable Pencil Sharpener for 8mm diameter Pencils, School Supplies for Office Use-Blue (Batteries not included)

Pencil Sharpener with Auto Feature, BENGOO Classroom Electric Durable and Portable Pencil Sharpener for 8mm diameter Pencils, School Supplies for Office Use-Blue (Batteries not included) Rating:
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Product Description

BENGOO Electric Pencil Sharpener always gives you perfect sharpening experience.

1. Unit Dimension: 3.54 x1.65 x 3.03in (LxWxH)
2. Package Size: 5.90x 1.65 x 3.15in (LxWxH)
3. Unit Weight: 95g / 3.35oz(approximate value)
4. Package Weight: 141g (approximate value)
5. The diameter of the shaving entrance: 8 mm
6. Power Supply: Input, 100-240V AC. Output, 4.2V 800mA or 2 “AA” alkaline batteries (★Not Included).


1.The Pencil Sharpener is suitable for pencils whose diameters are smaller than 8mm. It also can be used for sharpening colored pencils and eyebrow pencils.
2. Wide application. It perfects for office and classroom/ schooling use. It is ideal sharpening tool or gifts for students, office worker, teachers, kids, artists, engineers, construction contractors, industrial designers.

Why do you choose this BENGOO Pencil Sharpener.

Powerful Motor and Sharp Blade that will give you the perfect and amazing sharpening experience everytime. The sharpener will help you sharpen the pencil within 3-5 seconds which make your working and studying more efficient and convenient.
Compact size& Light-weight Feature, which will bring you great grip feeling. You can carry this Sharpener easily anywhere anytime. No any burden with this sharpener in your package, it is definitely a great space saver for you. Sometimes you can put it in your pencil case.
Wide Application. The Pencil Sharpener can be used to sharpen many kinds of pencils including HB pencils, 2B pencils, wooden pencils, colored pencils and eyebrow pencils.(Note that it can sharpen pencils whose diameters are small than 8mm)

♥ Notes and Warm Tips:
①. Please empty the shavings bin regularly. The pencil sharpener will not operate properly when it is full.
②. The sharpener is not designed for shaving crayons, chalk or waxy pencils. Do not try to sharpen them because they will clog the cutter.
③. Clean the cutter if they become clogged. First, remove the shaving bin. Then, clean the cutter by wiping the residue off with a dry and clean cloth. Do not use any grease or abrasive cleaners.
④. Caution! Do not submerge the sharpener in water. Do not put your fingers into the pencil sharpener.
✔. Please kindly note that the Pencil Sharpener can be powered by either 2 AA batteries (☹ Not included in the package or item) or the power cord with the usb port which included. Therefore, please install batteries or connect it with the power source before operation. (please plug in 4.2 V 800mA adapter to the DC jack of the product for activation)
✔. The protection of the battery. After installing batteries in the item, then you need to pay attention to the battery. We k now that heavy pressure, short circuit, high temperature and wet environment will lead the damage of the battery. Please protect the battery and put the product/battery in dry and cool place. Wish may help you, thank you!
✔.No pressure, no energy, no working. The Pencil Sharpener will work automatically with outside force. Putting the pencil into the entrance of the sharpener and then press it down. The sharpener will startup automatically. Otherwise the product will not work. It is a kid-friendly design, it will not hurt your cute baby/kids when him/her put their little fingers in it. The pencil will be trimmed well 5 seconds later, removing your pressure on the pencil, the sharpener will shut off and stop sharpening automatically. No over sharpening and eating for your pencils.
✔. Use your own brush/ soft cloth to clean shavings inside. Please do not use any metallic articles. Otherwise the blade will be damaged.
✔. Children under age of 4 must use it follow adults’ guidance.


【1】Q: It did not work at all.
A:No power, no pressure, then no working. The sharpener was powered by the usb power cord (Included) or 2 AA batteries (Not included). Pay attention to check the polarity. Please do not mistake the setting position of the positive pole and negative pole of batteries. (There is indication on the battery compartment) And please do not mix old and new batteries when loading.

Please connect the sharpener with power source through the power cord before operation if there is no any battery handy. Put the pencil into the entrance of the sharpener, then press down the pencil, the product will working automatically. Please kindly note that there is no battery and wall adapter in the package.


Q: The sharpener would eat pencils and it take longer time to sharpen pencils.
A:Usually, pencils will be trimmed well and got the tip after 5 seconds’ sharpening. Please note that the sharpener will shut off and stop working automatically with the removal of the pressure (on the pencil) .


Q: The sharpener is much smaller than imagination.
A:Please note that sharpener is designed with compact size and portable feature. Its specific dimension of the product is 3.54 x1.65 x 3.03in (LxWxH) which can be carried in your pencil case (if your pencil case can cover an iPhone 6s).


Q: The sharpener stopped working after 5 minutes.
A:Please check the power supply of the sharpener. On one hand, the sharpener will stop working if it is not in good connection with the power source. On the other hand, if the batteries were drained, the sharpener will stop running either. So please replace two new batteries.

♥Vendor Guarantee:Please make sure that every BENGOO Pencil Sharpener will come with the best customer experience care service and 1 year quality warranty. Any problem, please let us know, our customer supporters will help you deal with it.

Package Contains:
1 x Electric pencil sharpener
1 x Power cord
1 x Operating Instruction


  • 【Powerful Motor】: Its powerful electric motor will polish and sharpen your pencils in a short time which give you an amazing shaving experience. Usually, pencils will be trimmed well 5 seconds later.
  • 【Auto Feature& Safety Design】: The sharpener will start running automatically with pressing down the pencil. It will stop working when you finish sharpening and release the pressure (on the pencil). It will also do not work with the shavings lid being removed. Its 8mm diameters shaving entrance will prevent fingers from being inserted which will protect little kids from being hurt. What a kid-friendly product it is!
  • 【Multiple Power Sources】: The Pencil Sharpener can be powered by either an usb power cord (Included) or 2 AA batteries (Not Included), which will make the shaving be more portable and convenient. Pay attention! The sharpener will not come with batteries.
  • 【Space-saving】: The compact design and proper size make the Pencil Sharpener be a real space saver. You can take it easily without any burden and hassle.
  • 【Easy for Cleaning】: Take out the shaving bin and clean it up. It will not bring you any trouble when you do the cleaning.

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