New metal 3D printing firm Sinterex opens in UAE

As 3D printing technologies become an increasingly prevalent and efficient way of manufacturing a wide variety of parts and goods, countries all around the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of using additive manufacturing and are integrating it into their companies’ production processes. Within the additive manufacturing world, regions like Europe, Asia, and North America have tended to dominate in terms of 3D printing advancements, but now the Middle East is beginning to make its …

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3D printers are popular hardcopy devices for hobbyists as well as engineering students. Easy availability combined with high precision makes these tools very attractive to many people and organisations.

The wide range of machines available can be confusing when you begin to review the many options offered. We advise interested people to carefully review the many devices together with the experiences from around the web to build a store of knowledge that will help you decide on the machine that is right for your purpose.

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