Ideas for Creative Agencies & Brands – #30

Having a ball

Give a bunch of people something round that can be thrown, caught, bounced or rolled… and within moments an impromptu game will have started. Even the non-sporty types are likely to join in, so strong is the allure of the ubiquitous ball.
This clever flat-packed ball from Instructables user Scientiffic is comprised of only two simple laser-cut components. Repeated and then snapped together with no need for glues or adhesives, it is a neat example of how you can make a robu…

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Desktop 3D printers are popular output devices for enthusiasts as well as engineering students. Easy availability combined with low cost makes these machines very attractive to many people and organisations.

The wide range of models available can be confusing when you begin to examine the many options available. We advise interested people to carefully review the 3D printers together with the case studies from around the web to build a store of knowledge that will help you decide on the machine that is appropriate for your purpose.

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We’d love to hear about your experience with 3d printing machines. So please don’t be shy about leaving a comment on any printer listed in CADstore.NET or leave a review on our review pages. Sharing your experience can be very helpful to others and can help put you in touch with people who may be able to solve your problems or help you get even more benefit from your 3d printing machine or process.

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Mcor brings full color 3D printing to 3MF Consortium

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